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What is included with my purchase of a Certified Pre-Owned Smartphone?

All Certified Pre-owned devices come with a third-party charging cable. Other accessories, like charging block, earpods and screen protectors are sold separately.

Are the products tested before being shipped to customers?

All devices are data wiped, then thoroughly tested by our expert technical & production team before being made available for purchase. Upon inspection, each item is given a grade. Our grading system reflects any major or minor defects.

What steps are taken to inspect and test Certified Pre-Owned devices?

Every one of our Certified Pre-Owned devices goes through a comprehensive assessment and graded upon inspection. Our grading system reflects any major or minor defects. Our testing process, covering these key areas:

Connectivity: We rigorously check Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality and place test calls to guarantee seamless connections.

Audio: Our team verifies the microphone, earpiece, and loudspeaker to ensure optimal talking and listening volumes.

Camera: We meticulously test the flash, video recording, lenses, and both front and rear cameras to ensure they are all in excellent working condition.

Display: The display screen and touchscreen undergo thorough testing to identify any dead pixels and ensure precise gesture detection.

Buttons & Menu Keys: Each individual button and menu key is meticulously inspected to guarantee proper functionality.

We also sanitize all Certified Pre-Owned devices prior to shipment.

Will this phone work with my carrier?

Each phone will work with the carrier listed. All phones listed as Unlocked will work on all major wireless carriers. Check each phone's individual product page for more information.

Whom should I contact in case I have any concerns with my order?

You can contact us on 647-646-3350 or write to us on

Do these products have any major or minor functional defects?

Upon inspection, each item is given a grade. Our grading system reflects any major or minor defects.

What does device condition mean?

New - The item is sealed. It has not been activated and never been used.

Open Box - The item is an open box and is NOT sealed. Item has never been used but may be activated. It may or may not include the box.

Excellent - This device is in near perfect condition, very light, if any, scratches on the body. Screen is intact with no visible scratching from a few inches away and it is fully functional.

Very Good - Light scratching on the body visible from a few inches away. Screen may contain light scratching. A case and screen protector will likely cover any of these flaws. Device is fully functional.

Good - This phone shows clear evidence of prior wear. There may be scratches and nicks on the screen and the back casing.

Fair - Moderate to excessive scratching on the body and screen that is very visible from a few inches away. Items in fair condition will show signs of wear from more than average use. It may have cosmetic flaws of various kinds such as scratches, scuffs, or nicks on the screen or housing; and/or some minor background pixel burn in (i.e. Ghosting issue where some apps or text remains imprinted on the background). A component might not be working as intended but not broken: like a muffled speaker.

How genuine is it to buy products from your website?

We have been in this business for over 5 years and each and every product is inspected for authenticity and goes through a rigorous inspection process. We value every customer who buys from us and ensure that they get the best buying experience through us.

What condition will the battery be in?

For pre owned certified Smartphones, here is the range based on condition.

Excellent: (90 - 100%)

Very Good:  (85 - 89%)

Good: (80 - 84%)

Fair: (70 - 79%)

What are the payment options on your website?

We offer various payment options to our customers via Credit Card, Interac, Debit Card and Cash for in-store transactions only.

Do you take bulk orders?

You can contact us on 647-646-3350 or write to us on and we can respond within 48 hours on your bulk request.