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What steps can you take to prevent delays in receiving payment when selling your item?

To ensure swift processing and next business day payment, kindly adhere to the following steps:

Ensure Correct Model Selection: Select the appropriate model for your item during checkout to avoid delays caused by a mismatched model, resulting in a Revised Offer.

Accurate Condition Description: Provide an accurate description of your item's condition to expedite processing without necessitating a Revised Offer; failure to disclose any issues may result in a reduction in payment.

Remove Passcodes and Activation Locks: Factory reset your item and ensure it is free from any passcodes or activation locks linked to personal accounts such as iCloud, Samsung Reactivation, or Android Activation Lock.

Activation Clearance: For mobile devices like cell phones or tablets with mobile connectivity, confirm that your device is cleared for activation on your carrier network, ensuring there are no outstanding bills and that the device has not been reported lost or stolen.

How do I determine if my phone is Unlocked?

As we offer higher payouts for unlocked phones, the most reliable method to confirm your phone's unlocked status is by contacting your service provider directly. If it's not unlocked, inquire if they can unlock it before trading it in. Ensure to submit your device as unlocked to maximize its value.

How can I accurately “Grade” my device condition?

Our grading guideline is quite self-explanatory and easy to use. If you're unsure, simply choose the condition that you believe best describes your device. Rest assured, if adjustments are necessary, we'll notify you promptly.

Does the trade-in quote expire?

Yes, your device must be shipped within 14 days of the date of your trade-in.

Why is an offer amended?

An offer is amended after the device goes through the inspection process and is found not to match the device specifics that were selected by the customer.

What if I don't agree with the amended offer?

If you disagree with the amended offer, you have the option to request a re-inspection of the device. A different specialist will evaluate it, and the offer will either be revised or remain unchanged. At this point, you can choose to accept the offer or request to have your device returned to you.

What if I don't receive my trade-in quote summary confirmation e-mail?

The trade-in quote summary serves as both a confirmation of your quote and contains crucial pre-shipment instructions. If you haven't received the email, please ensure that you've entered a valid email address. Additionally, check your Spam/Junk folder and add Flipafone to your Safe Senders list.

What are some of the third party sites I can use to check the details/status of my device?

For Apple products Check Coverage (Apple) – To find model, capacity

For ESN CheckESNFree.com – To check ESN status of your device

For iCloud locks iPhoneOX.com – To check if your device is iCloud clear

Can I sell my activation locked or blacklisted devices?

We do not purchase blacklisted devices, under any circumstances. Furthermore, we do not purchase iCloud/Google FRP/MDM locked devices.