About Us

  • Who We Are

  • At Flipafone, we are dedicated to fostering a seamless customer experience that enables individuals to unlock the value of their used devices in a sustainable manner. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with rich experience in the used electronics sector, bringing a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to redefine device buyback solutions.

    We firmly believe that repurposing older devices adds more value to the world than allowing them to collect dust. Flipafone is more than just your typical electronics retailer. We excel in the areas of buying, selling, and trading electronic devices. Our distinctive business model is built on four essential pillars: providing top-dollar payments, delivering outstanding customer service, ensuring comprehensive data security, and maintaining a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship.

  • Our Vision

    Flipafone specializes in providing cost-effective single-source supply chain solutions for mobile carriers, retailers, insurance providers, and enterprise-level businesses. In an ever-changing technological landscape, we prioritize surpassing our clients' strictest quality and environmental standards through continual innovation and exceptional service.

    With our unparalleled expertise in the mobile trade-in industry, we harness our established relationships across global markets to extract maximum value from your old devices, delivering those benefits directly to you.

  • Our Mission

    We cater to both individual consumers and wholesale clients, fulfilling their requirements for pre-owned electronic device inventory.

  • Our Goal

    Our objective is to prolong the life cycle of electronic devices, minimizing environmental impact, and passing on the value to you, our customers.

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